Operational Firefighter Apprenticeship


North Wales and Fire Rescue Service offers the opportunity for young people living in North Wales to complete a three-year Operational Firefighter Apprenticeship scheme.

A Firefighter Apprentice plays a vital role in the protection of our communities, and not just by fighting fires. Apprentices also provide a range of other support for our emergency service - from rescuing victims of traffic accidents, to dealing with floods and clearing chemical spills.

Most importantly, a Firefighter Apprentice helps us to prevent incidents by delivering community safety programmes to raise awareness of fire safety issues and solutions.

This role forms an important member of the team, supporting the delivery of an effective service by maintaining high performance and contributing to the development of colleagues.

Competencies and skills to be demonstrated 

Apprentices must be 18-24 years of age
Successful at the National Fire Selection Tests – Aptitude and Fitness tests
Pass the Service’s entry Medical Examination
Ability to attend college on designated dates and time when required

Welsh language speaking skills to level 2 standard - requires that you can: understand the gist of conversations in work, respond to simple job-related requests and requests for factual information, ask simple questions and understand simple responses, express opinions in a limited way as long as the topic is familiar, understand instructions when simple language is used

Firefighter Apprentices



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